What will the first day be like?
The first day of class will be less structured since returning students will likely make payments for the new 7-week term.
How much is the cost?
Cost is $20.00 per 7 weeks (or term). 
When do I get my books/receipts?
Receipts and books are to be provided upon receipt of payment or when you arrive to your first class. 
What should I bring to the class?
Bring a blank notebook, your student lesson book and a sharpened pencil to your first class. 
Can I arrive late?
Arrive on time to make the most of your English course and respect Canadian punctuality norms.
What are my expectations for the homework?
We highly recommend that you allocate sufficient time to complete your homework. If you require any assistance or wish to have it reviewed, please ensure that you arrive 30 minutes early to your class. You can also come early to grab a cup of coffee and engage in conversations with classmates and staff. 
How much do you charge for coffee?
Complimentary coffee is offered to our ESL students and ESL team during our scheduled class break times; please note that during other church gatherings, such as Sunday mornings before and after church, there is a charge of $1.00 for coffee.
What if I miss a class?
If you miss a class, you are asked to study it at home to avoid falling behind with lessons. You’ll find all of them at the Literacy International YouTube channel:
What if I do not know how to write?
Follow the lessons in your book, writing out what you are asked to write, during class and for homework. If you do not know how to write the alphabet, please let us know so we can help you. 
Is this class a Bible study class?
This is not a Bible study class but a class that uses the Bible to learn English; therefore, let the teacher lead the Bible discussion; if you disagree with a part of the lesson, you are welcome to chat at the end of the class. 
How to prepare myself for the class ahead?
We ask you to read the Bible passage to be studied in your next lesson ahead of time in your language so that the English version will be more easily understood in the next class.
Can I ask for a Bible to take home?
We encourage you to ask for a Bible if you do not own one. Evangel will happily provide an English Bible for you and, if needed, one in your first language. For now, we have Spanish and English Bibles available.
Why should I memorize the suggested verses?
Do your best to memorize the suggested verses. Research in applied linguistics and psycholinguistics increasingly points to memorization as a key activity in acquiring language (McDonough, 1995; Cotterall & Reinders, 2004).
What if I prefer a different level?
If you prefer a different level of instruction, refer to Nancy for evaluation, testing, and possible transfer into another class.
Do you accept special prayer requests?
We start and end each class with prayer, encouraging you to share your special prayer needs, such as health issues or any other. We’d love to pray for you. 
How do I practice English at home?
We encourage you to ask your family to set aside one day per week, or one meal per week, to speak only English at home so that you can practice using your English in everyday life.
Do you take photos to market the program?
We normally take photos to market the program; if you do not want to be part of them, please let us know. 
Do I get a certificate after completing a course?
We expect to give out certificates to our graduating students every 14 weeks of classes or each time a 14-lesson book is completed.
What if I have to miss a class?
Try to attend all classes. If you cannot attend please text/Whatsapp your teacher. You can ask for your teacher’s number on your first day.
What If I miss more than 3 lessons?
If you miss more than 3 lessons out of 7 and think you should be allowed to move on to the next level, we encourage you to ask your teacher if you can take the 7-week review test; only if you pass this test with good grades will you move on to the next level. We think that having you repeat a section of lessons may be best for your future success.
Can I be friends with other ESL students?
We encourage you to make friends with other students and with our Evangel ESL team because we want you to feel comfortable talking with one another and enjoying our time together.
Can I join you for your Sunday services?
Volunteer members of Evangel Church provide the ESL Classes. Evangel is a place where people can meet Jesus and engage in a life-giving community, and everyone is welcome. We believe in creating a space where people can have authentic encounters with Christ, discover their gifts and use them for God's glory. Feel free to join us for our Sunday services at 10 am so you can continue integrating into our community and practice your English skills. If you want to know more, please visit our website:
Is there any WhatsApp group for ESL?
We invite you to join our ESL WhatsApp group to communicate announcements, updates or information related to your ESL process. The group is exclusively for that purpose, and only the Administrators can send messages. If you need to contact us directly, feel free to do so.

Please follow the link to join:
When do I complete my Student Survey?
At the end of each term, please complete the Student Survey and indicate whether you plan to continue for the upcoming term. This information is crucial to help us with our planning. accordingly. 
Do I have to register myself for each level?
Please note that registration day is only for new students to assess their English level and confirm their class. Returning students can advise their teacher they want to come back. However, all students are required to pay the $20 fee per 7-week term.
How can I pay my fees for the course?
You can send your fees to Evangel using Interac e-transfers. Autodeposit is enabled, so no question-and-answer is required. The email is Please write in the box labelled Message (optional): ESL FEE and your name.

Still Have Questions

For more information contact:
Pastor Alfonso (English or Spanish) by text or WhatsApp 289-600-5693 
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